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Adriana Gonzalez

Office Manager

Adriana, a dynamic professional with a multifaceted background, brings a wealth of experience to the Vorti-Tek team. With a solid foundation in administrative tasks, human resources, and sales, she's adept at navigating the intricacies of diverse business functions. Her passion for innovation is evident, as she constantly seeks out new opportunities to learn and grow.

Driven by a desire to excel in the oil and gas industry, Adriana approaches her work with enthusiasm and determination. Her commitment to staying abreast of industry trends and technologies ensures that she remains at the forefront of innovation.

In addition to her expertise in administrative tasks and sales, Adriana boasts a rich history in customer service. Her ability to connect with clients and anticipate their needs sets her apart, making her a valuable asset in any professional setting.

Adriana's blend of experience, passion for innovation, and dedication to customer service makes her a standout professional poised to make significant contributions to the oil and gas industry.

Adriana is proud to introduce herself as the daughter of Victor Gonzalez, a groundbreaking inventor in the oil and gas industry. Her father's innovation in creating smokeless flares has not only revolutionized safety standards but also significantly reduced environmental impact. Growing up, She witnessed his dedication to creating a safer and more sustainable future, and Is honored to carry on his legacy by championing innovation and progress in all that she does.

Adriana Gonzalez


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