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Welcome to Vorti-Tek International LLC Revolutionizing Gas Flaring for a Cleaner Future At Vorti-Tek, we are committed to transforming the oil and gas industry with our innovative smokeless flare systems. Our cutting-edge technology not only ensures environmental stewardship but also delivers significant cost savings and operational efficiency. Why Choose Vorti-Tek? Environmental Stewardship: Eliminate over 99% of harmful VOCs and other pollutants. Comply with stringent environmental regulations effortlessly. Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability. Cost Savings: No need for external assistance like electricity, blowers, or compressors. Significantly reduce operational and maintenance expenses. Avoid penalties and fees associated with non-compliance. Operational Efficiency: Focus on production and profitability with our low-maintenance design. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing your gas flaring is compliant and efficient. Enhance productivity with reliable, high-performance flare systems. Join the Future of Gas Flaring Experience the unparalleled benefits of Vorti-Tek's patented technology. Our systems are designed to provide the highest efficiency and environmental compliance, making them the best choice for energy operators worldwide. Contact Us Today Ready to revolutionize your gas flaring operations? Get in touch for more information and a free trial setup. Discover how Vorti-Tek can help you achieve your environmental and financial goals. Vorti-Tek International LLC: Where Innovation Meets Sustainability.

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  • How can Smokeless Flares save my company money?
    Smokeless Flares are manufactured in Midland, TX, using only the highest quality materials and components. Smokeless Flares are designed to be virtually maintenance free as well as reduce your operating costs.
  • At what temperature do Smokeless Flares burn?
    Temperatures have been measured in excess of 1800°F under typical conditions.
  • Can Smokeless Flares be fitted to your existing equipment?
    Yes! Smokeless Flares patented tip and pilot can be retrofitted to most existing flare systems, or Smokeless Flares can provide the entire stack.

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تتخصص Vorti-Tek في تصنيع وتركيب وصيانة وتوزيع تقنية Smokeless Flare التي تنتظر الحصول على براءة اختراع بشكل فريد وقادرة على التعامل مع الضغوط العالية للغاية والمنخفضة بشكل كبير في وحدة واحدة. نظرًا لتصميمها غير التقليدي ، فإن توهج VORTI-TEK لا يدخن ، ويسخن حروقًا ، ويتفوق على أي منتج آخر موجود حاليًا في السوق. 

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