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Smokeless Flare Technology

  • Developed and Engineered In the Field - SmokelessFlares are purposed to burn high and low pressure on the same stack.

  • Smokeless - Burns hotter destroying more VOCs using our patented technology. Smokeless Flares reaches 1800+ degrees(The EPA's Standard for destroying 99%+ of VOCs) without the need for blowers or other expensive equipment.

  • Designed to Save Money and Time - The simplicity of the design, single stack requirement, and the lack of need for blowers to achieve 1800+ degrees F, makes Smokeless Flares virtually maintenance free, decreasing your overall operating expenditures. Burning Smokeless Flares will save you costly down time and reduce the chance of fines. 

  • Provides Control - Positive Reversal Ratio Flare Tip (PRR) handles High/Low-Pressure Variations LBs to Ounces or Ounces to LBs.

  • Eliminates Backdraft - Automatic Shut-Off Reflex

  • Superior Low Maintenance Pilot - Tested and Verified through "SnowVid" the largest snowstorm in West Texas history.

  • Environmentally Positive - Every time a Smokeless Flare is deployed in the field, more VOCs are being destroyed. Less likelihood of breakdown and fines makes Smokeless Flares the easy green choice. 

  • Smokeless Flares Worldwide - The cumulative positive effect on the environment combined with operational cost savings is quickly making Smokeless Flares the WORLD WIDE STANDARD in oilfield flare technology.

Heading 5

Experience the difference

The Twin Smokeless flares pictured here were retrofitted onto existing stacks TRANSFORMING them into Smokeless Flares. The flare pictured in the circle has not yet been upgraded. Notice the clear difference.

Conventional Flare

Smokeless Flares


Smokless Flare Transofrmation

Technical Data

"With this design, the flare will be sonic and have sized the radiation curves accordingly."

-NCG Engineering Firm-


Smokeless Flares reach a higher temperature than standard oilfield flares. Smokeless Flares reach temperatures required by the EPA to destroy 99%+ of VOCs. 


Noise Level.webp
Radiation Curve_edited.jpg
Flowrate vs Radiation.webp
Radiation from Flame_edited.jpg

EPA Docs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Smokeless Flares save my company money?
    Smokeless Flares are manufactured in Midland, TX, using only the highest quality materials and components. Smokeless Flares are designed to be virtually maintenance free as well as reduce your operating costs.
  • At what temperature do Smokeless Flares burn?
    Temperatures have been measured in excess of 1800°F under typical conditions.
  • Can Smokeless Flares be fitted to your existing equipment?
    Yes! Smokeless Flares patented tip and pilot can be retrofitted to most existing flare systems, or Smokeless Flares can provide the entire stack.

About us


Vorti-Tek specializes in manufacturing, installing, maintaining, and distributing our unique patented Smokeless Flare technology capable of handling extremely high and considerably low pressures in a single unit. Due to its unconventional design, the VORTI-TEK flare is smokeless, burns hotter, and is superior to any other product currently on the market. 

About Us
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